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Master Post



-The Harmony of Hesitance - Jon/Spencer, [734 words]
Spencer never sings, but sometimes, for certain people, he'll make an exception.


- mirror, mirror, on the wall - Ryan/Brendon, [1,761 words]
Brendon just wants to look in the mirror and see beauty.

- Black Balloon - mostly gen, implied Ryan/Brendon, [3,082 words]
He feels their balloon finally plunge into the hard ground, and he wishes helium lasted forever. Post-split fic

- The First Day Of My Life - pre Ryan/Brendon, [858 words]
"Yours is the first face that I saw," the boy sings quietly, and Ryan finds himself sitting in the grass in front of the table, looking up at him. He glances down at Ryan swiftly, gives a small, slightly surprised upturn of lips, and sings, "I think I was blind before I met you."

- Once the Glitter's Gone - Ryan/Brendon, [4,057 words]
It's two weeks before the tour ends when Brendon gets the news of his sister's death.

- Quelqu'un M'a Dit - Ryan/Brendon, [1,211 words]
"I don't know where home is," Ryan mumbles against Brendon's lips.

"Home is right here," Brendon whispers forcefully, because Ryan sometimes forgets.

- Hope Has Wings - implied Ryan/Brendon, [drabble]
Ryan knows that Brendon isn't the fondest person of flying.

- Play Me Like You Mean It - Ryan/Brendon, [oneshot]
Ryan can feel the deep thrum of the notes climbing through his veins until they reach his heart, where they coil around like a sleepy snake and rest; warm and comforting and everything Ryan’s ever imagined.

-Merry Christmas, Darling (or The One Where Ryan's Obsessed With Brendon Wearing Christmas Sweaters) - Ryan/Brendon, [2,256 words]
Ryan doesn't like Christmas, but Brendon seems to convince him otherwise.

-I'm Just Gonna Keep On Waiting Underneath The Mistletoe - Frank/Gerard, [2,302 words]
Mikey's a bitch and makes Frank go to the school's Christmas dance.


- Sweetness - Ryan/Brendon, Frank/Gerard, Spencer/Jon, [5 parts]
Spencer owns a bakery where the bakers are almost as tooth-achingly sweet as the cakes they make.

- Samskeyti - Ryan/Brendon, [9,516 words]
High school is hard enough by itself, but Brendon Urie seems to have the tail end of it. He finds there is only on way he can manage to cope with it all. This is his story.

The Theory of Infatuation - Ryan/Brendon, [5,900 words]
Brendon's the drama geek with the voice of an angel, and Ryan's the socially crippled boy on the newspaper staff who loves him.

Cigarette Smoke and Strawberries - Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon [5,068 words]
Frank just sighs and concludes that it’s pretty much a fact: they are both retards when it comes to love.

We're All Born With a Year's Worth of Apologies - Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, [9,191 words]
Brendon didn't come back to Vegas to fall in love.


- Returning Home - Frank/Gerard, Ryan/Brendon, [6 parts]
After going away to college, Gerard comes back after six months for Christmas and finds that his best friend Frank has changed in more ways than one.


Lock and Key - Ryan/Brendon, [3,129 words]
Brendon opens himself up and gives everything he has to the one boy he knows he can trust it all with.
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